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There’s a lot of work that goes into pairing sound and music with the visuals that we see in movies, TV shows, and video games.  No one knows this more than the music supervisors that work hard to make it all happen. SyncSelector has been designed to save creative decision makers headache and bring music licensing closer to the concerns of indie artists.  Music is very easy to make, so new material is not hard to run into. Music that makes an impact on it’s listener is a little harder to come by. SyncSelector is here to cut some of the monotony of sifting through music that isn’t up to par while super-charging the momentum of musical careers.


Why Use SyncSelector?

Unlimited Uploads

Registered artists may submit as many songs as they would like to have considered. Notifications are sent as songs progress through our stages of approval.

100% Free To Register

It costs nothing to register and there is no charge to submit music for consideration. Artists should make sure to send in their best work.

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No need to pay means no need to wait. Artists can submit their music as soon as they validate their e-mail address.

About SyncSelector

SyncSelector, developed with the music supervisor and independent musician in mind, is here to save time for creative decision makers of major productions. Accepting music only from independent artists, SyncSelector assesses the quality of all material submitted and  presents supervisors with the songs that would really sell a scene.

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Artist Accounts

SyncSelector is in the process of finding it’s first 32 songs to present to its executive partners.  If you signed up with a PRO (ASCAP, BMI, etc.), you are encouraged to register for as an Artist and submit some music.

Executive Accounts

Deejaying for movies can be a daunting. If there were a “go-to” place to find hard hitting, emotion evoking, attention grabbing songs for scenes and advertisements.it would be called SyncSelector. Get a verified Executive account here.

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